Hadley St Dreaming..

Hello My Name Is Jonathan Banks, I’m the owner and administrator of uptwnxs.com.

I began developing websites at the age of fourteen in 2000 after playing ANTZ on MSN, and having an  interest to start-up my own “clan page.” That lead me to Silencer, a 2D game hosted by won.net. During the time in which Silencer was successful, myself as well as many gamers began developing our own maps for the game. My interest in web development branched into various other areas of entertainment. Early on I was a leading contributor to digital development sites such as direct- efx.nu , and enfringe.nu. I ran multiple successful sites in the 2000’s such as enoplex.com, smogworx.com & most notably rnbworld.com.

 Around 2003 I become more focused on  my education, and extracurricular activities during high school. (I.E, football, recreation, student council)  This took me away from web development. Several years after high school I graduated DePaul University in 2011,  with a Bachelors in Political Science. While knocking out my internship requirements while in  college, I ran several Illinois Senators campaign websites. At the time I used Drupal in order to  manage numerous webpages. One could say my internship is what re-sparked my interest back into  web development.

 Flash forward to 2013, I’m a young adult now and much more capable of managing multiple projects.  This site will focus on all aspects of entertainment, health, finance, and everything else regarding the daily aspects of life. Join me for this new adventure,  and please feel free to reach out to me directly with any feedback!  I’m ready to get the internet going nutz again!

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