Month: April 2014



On the Run’ Tour

@RevoltNation In Case YOU Missed It!!! Cookin’ Soul Releases Rare Remix of 2Pac’s “Old School”,

Cookin’ Soul Releases Rare Remix To 2 PAC’s “Old School”

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@RevoltTV Open Casting Call @PopularDemandFairfax @Quincy


If you’re in L.A. this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss today!!

For the #RevoltxPopularDemand Takeover finale, Quincy will be hosting the @RevoltTV Open Casting Call at @PopularDemandFairfax from 4PM-6PM. Ages 16 years or older (need guardian if under 18).

Put on your best face for a chance to be a part of Revolt TV! All talents welcome (hosting, acting, music, comedy, etc.)
#RevoltTV #PopularDemand

New Music- Crime Mob, ” Call It Like You Wanna ” @LILJAYWERKS @PRINCESSDIGITAL @DiamondAtl @CrimeMobAtl @jockmig1

I’m not sure how this flew under the radar, but Crime Mob reunited last year for a song , “Call It Like You Wanna” a track which actually is very refreshing, and enjoyable to hear.

Crime Mob was on hiatus since their last album, “Hated on Mostly” released back in 2007. Regardless, of the circumstances it’s great to see they can put differences aside and make music!

Take a listen to the song below, and tell uptwnxs your thoughts!

Universal Music Group Breaks Up Its Island Def Jam Division –

Def Jam is emerging as a separate entity, the announcement made today along with several other structural changes within Universal Music Group. This is great news for hip-hop fans! Several artist have outstanding, or pending contracts obligations (Albums which are due to be released) with Def Jam and they’ve been lost in the shuffle. Primarily, because there was a lack of marketing , and focus on their brands. Stay tuned to the latest updates from Def Jam by viewing their twitter page, it’s embedded within this post!

Check out more information about the Def Jam split, on the New York Times website below.
Universal Music Group Breaks Up Its Island Def Jam Division –