Recently, made a buy on for eye protection. After not receiving the merchandise on the guaranteed delivery date, it became clear something had gone wrong with the order. The experience in tracking the delivery was truly deplorable. took no responsibility,  or liability for misplacing my oder. Better yet they told me to just “re-order” the merchandise while having to wait days for a refund, for their mistake!

Surprisingly, I’ve noticed this practice has gone on more often with I’m going to personally investigate their bait and switch practices, and see whats behind it. It’s my belief that is doing this to thousands of consumers , on a daily basis to help inflate their flop’d company earnings.

For example, partners with its sellers to list merchandise. Amazon’s sellers have merchandise listed on Amazon’s website (Listed as being sold, and shipped by Amazon). Amazon stores and delivers the merchandise for a percentage of the sellers profits.One would think purchasing through directly from Amazon, would be more secure. (As opposed to going through x,y,z 3rd party reseller) Unfortunately this is not the case, it’s a Ponzi scheme. According to Amazon they don’t have the merchandise to begin with. Whats even more astonishing is the sellers account could be a fictitious account made up by Amazon, and reviewed(backed) by Amazon employees.

If you’re a bit lost about what’s going on take a look at the transcript from uptwnxs conversation with Amazon below. Also look at the screen shot from an email directly from Amazon stating my merchandise delivery date. I’m never going to receive this order, and now I’m out of roughly $70 bucks! Meanwhile Amazon is posting record profits. They actually traded up + (0.85%) today. Go figure…